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What the heck is a honeyberry?


  • WHAT: It’s the fruit of a fruiting honeysuckle bush! You might know it as haskap or lonicera caerulea. Or, not at all.

  • WHERE: These bushes are from Siberia and Japan– and yes, Duluth has the same growing climate as Siberia.

  • TASTE: Think of a blueberry in love with a package of SweeTart candies. Some varieties have a sweet summery finish and some have a delightful TWANG!

  • USE: Honeberries make for addictive table eating and additions on cereal, ice cream, smoothies, salads

  • AND…BONUS USE: Because of their high tannin, honeyberries are excellent in jams, wine, beers & liquors.

  • WHY: haven’t I heard of these? Because Farm LoLa is the first commercial-scale honeyberry farm in the United States! Wild, huh? Farm LoLa is the berry wing of Locally Laid Egg Company

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