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Yes, those wacky egg people had another wild idea...

One does not live by eggs alone. As monoculture takes over
our agricultural system, Locally Laid thought it time to diversify the chicken farm by opening its produce wing — Farm LoLa. 

(LoLa is short for Locally Laid and the name of every chicken at the pasture-raised egg farm.)

The Amundsens spent (six? eight?) summers amending the soil with LoLa’s nutrient-rich droppings and sea minerals (using products with amusing names like “Liquid Squid”) to create these nutrient-dense, flavorful HONEYBERRIES.  

They're also known as honeysuckles and taste like a blueberry had a baby with a package of sweet tarts. They're fantastic for freezing. These berries are from Siberia and GOOD NEWS -- the Duluth region is the same growing climate as Siberia. (Don't over think it.

“Diversification is good for the land and smart business for a farm,” says co-owner Jason Amundsen. “And with Spectrum Berry Farm down the way selling strawberries, there’s been some nice collaboration there. They’ve been very supportive of our bringing other berries to the area.”


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