Good Ta Know!

1. It's always good to call before you get into the car. We hate to disappoint you, so please check our recorded message
(218) 203-5995
beautiful honeyberries.jpg
2. Our beautiful Honeyberries are grown with natural inputs and love.
Swarm of Bees
3. We have non-aggressive honeybees in well-marked hives. They're loving on all our berry plants! While not an aggressive breed, there is always a chance of being stung. Please plan accordingly.
4. You can bring your own bucket. We'll weigh it before you pick and get the tare -- or unladen weight -- so you only pay for the fruit.
Or you can buy one of our flats, at cost, for 50 cents.
8. Listen to your mother: Drink water, wear sunscreen and for the love of Pete, wear a hat. The bigger and uglier, the better.
It's hot out there. 
9. Please leave your dog at home. We love animals, and in fact have a few chickens (okay, more than a few). We'd hate for there to be a kerfuffle. 
10. 852 Cemetery Road? I thought it was 840? Yeah...well, if you put 852 into your Googler, that gets you right to the field. So, rather than cause confusion, we just changed our address on all our social outlets. 
11. We accept cash, check, Venmo and in a pinch Paypal (lotta fees with that one).